Katie Martin


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Hi all! I'm Katie and I am your Communities Officer for the 2023/24 academic year.

Hi friends, my name is Katie Martin
I’m your Communities Officer for the 2023/2024 academic year
Where am I from?
I’m a proud Galway Girl, from a tiny little village in East Galway, but Limerick has been my home away from home for the last few years.
What did I study?
I’ve just completed my Masters degree in Marketing, Consumption and Society. I also did my undergraduate degree here, studying Journalism and New Media.
A bit about me:
I’ve been around UL for a while now and I’ve done all sorts of things from being First Seven Weeks Coordinator to running the campus radio station. I was Societies Officer last year and now I’ve stepped up to be a voice for all student communities. 
How can I support you this academic year?
As Communities Officer, I am UL Student Life’s representative for every student community in UL. Whether you are a member of UL Wolves Clubs & Societies, a postgraduate, a graduate entry, part-time student, a member of the LGBTQI+ community, a member of an ethnic, religious, or linguistic minority, a Sanctuary Student, or a member of any other community, I am here to voice any concerns you may have as a member of that community.

  • I will be running drop-in community clinics, workshops, social events and demonstrations designed to give you a platform for your needs and values and help you network with other students and groups that can support you.
  • I will always be there if you need a friendly ear or someone to discuss an idea or a problem with.
  • I will be sitting on UL Postgraduate Student Union Executive and UL Wolves Clubs & Societies Executive as UL Student Life’s rep and your voice on those bodies.
  • I will be your representative to UL Student Affairs and UL’s many boards and committees that make decisions about your student experience.

 What do I want to achieve in this role?

  • I want to open the Community Officer’s door to everyone. 
  • I want UL to be a more inclusive and engaging environment for students, which I hope to achieve by fighting for what you need to make the most of your student experience.
  • I fully believe in the power of the student voice and want to platform it across all aspects of campus life.

Where can you find me on campus?
You’ll find me upstairs in the C&S office or grabbing a much-needed coffee from Scholars. My office is downstairs in the Student Life building, just past reception. The door is always open, so please don’t be a stranger! If you’re feeling shy, drop me an email at studentcommunities@ul.ie and I promise to help however I can.