Learn more about UL Student Life's policies, the board of directors, our constitution, financial reports, student forum, and our archive.



Governance at UL Student Life

UL Student Life is an independent body that functions to promote the student voice and to improve the student experience. We do this by upholding our constitution and the representatives structures it creates. You help us by using your voice and your vote. 

Every year, four full-time student officers are elected to defend and promote your rights as a student, to improve your university experience, and to petition on your behalf for meaningful change. 

These officers are held to account by Student Council, a body consisting of a diverse range of elected student representatives which represent the UL Student community. They propose, review, and enact policy as well as hold the Student Officers to account. 

Have a question? Drop us an email at studentreps@ul.ie and we will get right back to you! 


Board of directors

The UL Student Life Board of Directors is led by 6 student officers and 4 external trustees. It is the role and responsibility of the board to:

  1. Advance the education of University of Limerick students and of the University of Limerick as a whole
  2. Promote and actively pursue the betterment of the interests of University of Limerick students
  3. Represent the interest of University of Limerick students and act as a channel of communication in dealing with the university and other bodies
  4. Promote, encourage, and facilitate student Clubs and Societies equally

Learn more and meet our Board of Directors by clicking below. 



Our constitution

The constitution is the governing document of UL Student Life, it contains our objectives and outlines how we manage our student democracy. Most importantly, it is a document that was co-created with students and for students. Our constitution addresses issues such as:

  • How our democracy functions (officers, elections, representatives) are upheld and maintained.
  • Decision-making processes and who is involved.
  • The purpose of our union and its powers 
  • Your rights as a student 

Our constitution is the foundation of everything we do, and we use it to ensure we are promoting good governance, transparency and accountability at all times. Have a question? Drop us an email at studentreps@ul.ie.

Student forum

Under 'Bye Law 1: Rights of students, Decision-making and Definitions' we are obligated to offer you a seat at the table. But we wanted to do that anyway! Twice a year, we used to hold a general meeting, with agendas and minutes – all that professional stuff. But, based on your feedback, we have become the 'Student Forum'. Not only did we listen to you, but this better reflects how we work for you.  

When you engage with the forum, you are entering an active and engaged listening space, and directly connecting with your elected student officers and student representatives. We collect your feedback and use that to inform our actions going forward. Want to discuss something? You can put an item on the agenda by contacting studentpresident@ul.ie 

Our policies

As you can tell by our constitution, we’re a big fan of rules and regulations, simply because want to be a world-class student body that is inclusive and proactive. To be a world-class student representative body, we need to be clear on our processes, our objectives and share them with the students we represent. 

We’ve set out our goals and responsibilities in a number of policy documents. You can download and read our policies by clicking on the link below. 

Student executive archive

The Executive are a working group of 12 students who are elected by you to help implement students’ ideas, run campaigns, support student led activities and represent students’ interests with the University at every level. The UL Student Life General Manager is also a member but does not have a vote. 

The Exec meet in the student centre weekly and attend Student Council fortnightly. They report to council on the work they have done on students’ behalf and feedback on the university meetings they attended. The Exec members meet with students daily whether it be to hear their ideas for UL Student Life or give guidance on the many issues students may be dealing with. 

Click below to browse through the archives and get an overview of the work of the Student Executive. 

Student council archive

Student Council acts as a representative group for all students. They direct the executive on policy, oversee their work to guarantee accountability and transparency, and act collaboratively to deliver on student-led initiatives. 

Under 'Bye Law 2: Student Council', the purpose of Student Council is to represent your interests as a University of Limerick student and identify issues that are of concern and have them raised with UL Student Life senior management or governing body of the university. Student Council also has the function of informing, advising, and deciding on policy in relation to political, social, welfare and academic issues.

You can view previous discussions, motions and policies, and minutes from meetings below to get an idea of the work the Student Council does.