Student Voice is how UL Student Life gathers opinions, perspectives and beliefs from students to improve the overall university experience.

Ideas Forum

Welcome to the Ideas Forum! 

Student Voice isn't just a name, it's a living breathing thing! Student Voice is about representing students and giving you all a say on the things that are important to you. This is where the Ideas Forum comes in. 

On the Ideas Forum you can submit any ideas or changes you'd like to see at the university. If there's an idea you like, you can vote for it. The more votes and comments an idea gets, the more power it gives us to try to action it!

Before you post please consider the following:

  • Make sure your idea clearly states what you want to change and why – things like how it would be funded, who it would apply to – give as much detail as possible. 

  • Check to see if your idea has already been posted by someone else – if so, don’t post the idea again, but vote and comment on the existing idea!

Ideas Forum