How Do I Sign up for a Club or Society?

You can join a club or society in a few simple steps. 

1. Create Your UL Wolves Account: To register for a club or society, you must first be a member of UL Wolves. Visit this page, click on the register button and enter your UL student number to begin the registration process. 

2Request Membership: Once registered, you will be brought to the UL Wolves membership page which has a full list of all clubs and societies. Choose the organisation and request a membership from their UL Wolves page.

3. Get Accepted: Your request will be sent to the club or society admin for final approval. To become an active member you must pay the fee and then meet a committee member. 

Why Do I Have to Set up an Account?

Our UL Wolves website is tied directly to our insurance cover so it is essential that you are an approved UL Wolves member before taking part in any activity.

It takes 5 minutes to set up an account and it is for you own protection. If you would like to know more about insurance, head over to our health & safety page.

I Don’t see the Club/Society I Want, What Can I Do?

We have over 75 clubs and societies here in UL, but if there is a special pack you would like to add, why not start your own?

Simply contact for all you need to know.

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

Your initial account set up doesn’t cost anything.

Each club or society has a membership fee, many are €5 to join for the academic year though some may be more. These membership fees can be paid in person or through the website.

Can I Try a Club/Society Before I Join?

Unfortunately, no. You must be an approved member of a the club or society so that you are covered by our insurance policies.

What Time are Trainings/Meet-ups On?

This varies for each club/society.

To find out when their sessions are on you can head to the what’s on page on the UL Wolves website or you can contact the club or society directly.

How Many Clubs and Socs Can I Join?

You can join as many clubs and socs as you want. However, we always encourage students to be realistic with their time.

Maybe start with two or three and you can always revaluate!

Who Runs the Clubs and Societies?

There are three full time staff members based in the Student Life Building.

Paul Lee, Head of Student Engagement; Aisling Ryan, Clubs and Socs Coordinator and Lisa Ryan, Clubs and Socs Administrator.

We are here to enable and support the individual committees made up of students just like you! But make no mistake, the student committees make all the key decisions about the activities and direction of their clubs and socs.

What Times of the Year Can I Join?

You can join any time of the year!

At the beginning of each semester, we hold a ‘Sign up Fair’ so that you can meet the students running the clubs and societies and ask any questions. Keep an eye on ULWolves on Instagram for up to date information on the sign up fairs.


How do I get More Information on Clubs and Socs?

If you have any queries, you can pop an email to and we will do our best to help!

I am Not a UL Student, Can I be Part of the Pack?

If you are not a registered UL student and you are over 18 years old, you can still sign up to any of our wonderful clubs and socs!

Why the Wolf?

The characteristics of the Wolf certainly reverberate loudly, and here's why:

  • The wolf exists in a highly social and structured society. 
  • It is highly intelligent.
  • It is supportive and capable of being gentle/caring in equal measure to its own community. 
  • It is powerful and gets it strength in numbers. 
  • It's an apex predator (which resonates with the competitive students in sport and that works well when we as a students union have to "fight" for the rights of students). 
  • It is an influencer of positive change – in nature it has been proven the benefits to the wider environment as an influencer of change when you have an apex predator and similarly, we believe we influence positively the environment that we exist in as a part of UL. 

All of these characteristics easily ebb and flow with the dynamic of clubs & societies in UL and the wider student's body. For further info on the history of the brand click here.