Student Voice is how UL Student Life gathers opinions, perspectives and beliefs from students to improve the overall university experience.


Student Voice FAQs


What is a Campaign Team and What do I do if I Don't Have One?

A campaign team is a group of individuals such as friends, classmates or other peers who act as your support team, helping you through the election campaign. Your campaign team will help share information on your campaign, help with your social media presence and ideally will promote and advocate on your behalf as the best candidate for the job.


Can I Run if I am an International Student?


Any EU national can become an officer with no restrictions. If you come from further afield you may have to extend/modify your visa. If you have any concerns get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


Can I Run if I am a PostGrad?

Yes, all UL students can run in the UL Student Life elections. Postgraduate students also have the option of running for a position in the Postgraduate Students’ Union.


I Don't Personally Feel Represented by These Roles.

Our student representation is not limited to the roles of the student officers. The student officer team works closely with other student groups – such as Student Council, Student Executive and class reps – within UL Student Life to ensure the wider student community is represented. Interest group representatives on our student council include:

  • Equality & Diversity Councillor
  • Disabilities Councillor
  • Home International Councillor
  • Visiting International Councillor
  • Mature Student Councillor
  • LGBTQI Councillor
  • Student Affairs Councillor
  • Sports Councillor
  • Activities Councillor
  • Entertainments Councillor
  • First Year Councillor
  • Student Services Councillor
  • Volunteering Councillor
  • Community Councillor
  • Cooperative Education Councillor
  • Campus Facilities Councillor
  • Sanctuary Rep
  • Student Parent Rep

Our work is mandated by you, the students, so if you don’t feel represented, tell us what you’d like to see instead and make sure you vote during the elections for the candidates you feel will most closely represent your views.


How Many Class Reps Can My Class Have?

This all depends on our class size, there can be more than one class rep per course. There is one class rep per 25 students up to a max of 4 class reps.


What is the Role of a Class Rep?

Class reps are an essential part of the university and UL Student Life. They are our eyes and ears on the ground and work as a point of contact for the class, the lecturers, tutors and, of course, for UL Student Life.


How Do I Contact the Student Officers?

Find the student officer you are looking for on our team page and get in touch. 


Who Do I Contact About a Problem With My Lecturer?

  • If your class is having difficulty with the teaching methods, you can contact your class rep initially and encourage them to raise the issue with the lecturer or other members of staff. If this is unsuccessful you can raise the issue with the Academic Officer at
  • If it is a personal issue or you want to better understand the university’s complaints process, it might help to book a chat with the UL Student Life Student Information and Support Coordinators (SISC).


What is the UL Student Life Constitution?

The constitution is the governing document of UL Student Life, it contains our objectives and outlines some of the processes which manage our democracy.

You can learn more on our Constitution page


How do Students Vote?



What are Hustings?

The hustings is a meeting of all the candidates that is held before voting day (date TBC).

Each candidate has a limited amount of time (1.5-3 mins) to speak and say why students should vote for them. The meeting is chaired and strictly timed. The audience, which is made up of students, can ask questions but the question must be addressed to every candidate. Candidates may pass on answering a question if they wish. The husting rules are stated in Schedule 1 of the constitution.

What is a Manifesto?

A manifesto is a public declaration of policy and aims, issued before an election by an election candidate. It states a candidates intentions and why they want to be elected. 


What is Involved in Campaigning?

You need to write your manifesto and make a campaign plan in advance of nomination week. Get your campaign team together well in advance. Make sure your campain team know your manifesto and they know the election rules and regulations.

How do You Become a Member of Student Life Executive

How do You Become a Class Representative?

Visit the Class Rep page to learn more. 


What is Student Executive?

The Student Life Executive is working group of 12 students who are elected by you to help implement students’ ideas, run campaigns, support student led activities and represent students’ interests with the university at every level. 

What is Student Council?

The Student Council is composed of 56 student leaders who collaborate to represent the ideas, interests, and needs of all UL students. By taking part, they have the power to discuss and vote on UL Student Life policy in order to ensure a better student experience across all dimensions of University life. Whether the issue is academic, social or welfare related, or a matter of promoting equality and diversity, the Student Council works for you.