Answers to the most commonly asked questions about UL Student Life and the support it offers to UL students. Learn more.



General FAQs can be found below. If you have an enquiry related to a particular department within UL Student Life, you can choose from the below list. 

  • Information & Services - with answers to questions relating to TFI Leap Cards, counselling, the common room, the lost & found, issues with staff, and finding your way around campus.
  • UL Wolves - with all the most frequently asked questions related to clubs and societies. 
  • Student Voice - where you will found answers to all things leadership & representation. 
  • Student Advice - this brings you to our The Student Information and Support Office  (SISC) where you can book a 1-to-1 meeting or find resources related to Academic Queries, Accomodation, Complaints and Harassment, Difficulty Coping, Financial Support, and Welfare Issues.
  • Events - with answers to the most frequently asked questions related to events, parties, tickets, and refunds. 


General FAQs


Where Can I Buy a Leap Card?

Everything you need to know about TFI Leap Cards can be found here


Where is the Jean Monet Lecture Hall/Red Raisins/Medical Centre?

The lecture hall/red raisins/medical centre are all located in the main building.

Am I Eligible for a SUSI Grant? Who Can I speak to About Fnancial Aid?

Information about the SUSI graant is available here. 


Phone: 0767087874  

If you need financial support; you can book in for a chat with the UL Student Life Student Information and Support Coordinators (SISC).

Where Can I Buy Lab Coats and Safety Glasses?

You can buy them online in the UL Wolves Store.

Do You Have a Counselling Service?

UL Student Life do not run a counselling service.

The university have a counselling service called UL Eist –located in the main building. Check out their website for info on drop in times. You can email to arrange a drop-in appointment.

UL Student Life have designated Student Information and Support Coordinators who are independent from the university - you can book in for a chat by following this link.

Who Do I Ask About Issues With Lecturers/Tutor/Dropping Out/Changing Course?

We encourage you to reach out to your academic advisor, course director or another member of UL support staff like the student support officer in your faculty. They can talk you through your options before you make a decision.

There is a process to follow if you want to change course and it might depend what year you are in. Check out the information on the Student Hub Online.

The 'Course Exiting Process' is explained on the Student Hub Online

In addition to speaking to someone in the university-you can book in for a chat with the UL Student Life Student Information and Support Coordinators (SISC).

Do You Have a Lost and Found?

Lost items generally get handed in to the Info & Services desk in the student centre reception, the security hut or main university reception.

Do you Print Here? 

No, you can’t get stuff printed in the UL Student Life student centre.

The university have printing facilities in the library, the print room in the main building. You can also try Troy Printing in the courtyard.

Do You Replace Student Cards? 

UL Student Life can’t replace UL student cards. You need to follow the university’s process on the Student Hub Online Student Card.

If your card is lost or broken, there is a €10 fee for a replacement.

If your card has expired or is no longer scanning, replacements will be issued free of charge (once you return the original card).

What are the Stickers on the Back of UL Student ID Cards For?

The stickers are for Club Membership for the on-campus bars as they are members only clubs.

You will not be allowed enter the bars on campus without your membership. You must be over 18 to purchase your sticker.

Stickers can be ordered here and can be collected from the student centre.


Where do we Get Pool Cues for Upstairs?

You can get them at the Info & Services desk in the reception area of the UL Student Life building. You must hand in one student card per pool cue to monitor who is upstairs at all times.

The Info & Services desk closes each day for lunch between 12.30 and 1.30 so make sure to return the cue and collect your student id card before 12.30 if you need to attend a lecture or lab.


Do You Sell Stamps?

You cannot buy stamps in the UL Student Life student centre.

The post room in the main building sells them - room number is BO034.