UL Wolves, which is part of UL Student Life, is the home of all the student-run clubs and societies at UL. Find your own wolf pack today!

Clubs & Societies

UL Wolves

UL Wolves, which is part of UL Student Life, is the home of all the student-run clubs and societies at the University of Limerick. UL Wolves is a thriving network of over 80 different clubs and more than 6,000 members!

Clubs & societies are a great place to have fun, make friends, meet like-minded people, get out and about, and try something new.

The beauty and strength of clubs & socieites is that they are voluntary organisations, run by students and for students. With a range of different clubs and societies to choose from, there is something there for everyone. 

Find your own wolf pack today!

How to Join a Club or Society

So, you’ve decided to join a club or society at UL. Here’s what you need to do to register:

1. Create Your UL Wolves Account: To register for a club or society, you must first be a member of UL Wolves. Visit the registration page by clicking on the button below. Once there,use the register/log-in button and enter your UL student number to begin the registration process. 

2Request Membership: Once registered, you will be brought to the UL Wolves membership page which has a full list of all clubs and societies. Choose the organisation and request a membership.

3. Get Accepted -  Your request will be sent to the club or society admin for final approval. To become an active member you must pay the fee and then meet a committee member. 

Featured Societies

Featured Clubs

Clubs & Society Events

Find out the latest club and society events on the UL Wolves events calendar.

There are dozens of meet-ups, social events and training sessions on every single day. 

Join a group and get involved today!

Health & Safety

When you join a club or society, you must first register with UL Wolves. This is necessary to ensure that you are properly insured and protected. It is essential that you are an approved UL Wolves member before taking part in any activity.

Ensuring the safety and security of our members is of the utmost importance to everything we do. We work with health and safety consultants that are at the forefront of their industry to establish a suite of SOPs, risk assessments, training sessions and more. We also work closely with our insurance brokers with regard to our various policies.

Click on the button below to learn more about our health & safety policy.