UL Student Life is the student representative body of UL. Its aim is to make life easier for student and enhance their university experience.

Strategic Plan

'Building on Success'

Our Four-Year Strategic Plan


In 2020, UL Student Life published its four-year strategic plan 'Building on Success: Strategic Plan 2021-2024'. This plan is the second phase of UL Student Life’s long-term vision, following the release of 'Taking Giant Steps: Strategic Plan 2016-2020' in 2015. This previous document set out a range of ambitious goals and targets that we have worked towards in the four years leading up to 2020.

Since 2016, there has been a great deal of change in UL and in our student community. 'Building On Success' has been developed to build on the momentum we have created in developing the organisation and the services they provide to UL students.

The new four-year strategic plan sets out how UL Student Life will help students to overcome the challenges they face, how it will provide students with the services they need and how our representative body will continue to grow and strengthen over the coming years. 

This strategic plan was created prior to the COVID pandemic. It goes without saying that these unforeseen circumstances has caused some delays and hampered progress. However, we are still doing everything we can to achieve our strategic objectives. 

You can read our strategic plan in full below.