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Health & Safety

UL Wolves Health & Safety 

In UL Wolves Clubs and Societies, every members’ safety is central to everything we do. We work with health and safety consultants who are at the fore of their industry to establish a suite of SOPs, risk assessments, training sessions and more. We also work closely with our insurance brokers with regard to our various policies.

It is important to note that, as with all policies, there are limits and conditions. Our personal accident policy is not designed to replace your personal need for insurance cover and should only be used where you do not have your own cover. This information has been emailed to all UL Wolves members upon signing up along with a request to make whomever pays your insurance aware of this.

Important Policy conditions

Some important conditions of our policy are as follows:

  • The cover extends to all approved clubs and societies members while engaging in club/society activity
  • The claimant must be able to prove that they were seen by a medical professional (GP) within ten days of the accident occurring
  • Medical Expenses necessarily incurred in the treatment of an insured person up to €5,000
    • Of which surgery cover is a maximum of 3,000
  • Dental expenses incurred in the treatment of an Insured person up to €2,500
  • Any physiotherapy must be referred by a doctor in writing
    • A maximum of 8 sessions will be covered
  • Any procedures must be checked for insurance coverage with aisling.m.ryan@ul.ie prior to the procedure taking place
  • A policy excess of €250 applies to each and every claim.
  • Medical Expenses under the policy are defined as costs actually incurred by the Insured Person for services and supplies which are recommended by the attending Medical Practitioner and not recoverable from any other source.
  • They include:
    • (a) the services of Medical Practitioners;
    • (b) confinement and use of operating room in a Medical Institution;
    • (c) anaesthetics (including giving the anaesthetic), x-ray examinations or treatments, and laboratory tests;
    • (d) ambulance service;
    • (e) drugs, medicines, and therapeutic services and supplies; or
    • (f) physiotherapy treatments

Exclusions do apply, for further information, please contact aisling.m.ryan@ul.ie

Please note that it is standard practice that the claimant themselves be the one in contact with the Clubs and Societies office.