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Aisling Ryan: Clubs and Societies Coordinator

Aisling is the Clubs and Societies Coordinator. She works alongside Paul Lee, and Lisa Ryan upstairs in the UL Student Life building.

Aisling’s responsibilities include the overseeing of foreign trips within Clubs and Societies. In any given year there are more than 15-20 overseas trips by various club and society groups, these require a lot of planning and information submitting before they board the plane so Aisling works with the committees before the members jet off to places like Lanzarote, Portugal, Cape Verde, Scotland, and even the USA. Aisling also meets with those of you who are looking to start a club or society or who are committee members of a club or society that needs some additional support in the form of status check meetings. She is also the one to go to for support with grievances or disputes, any insurance related queries or general health and safety.

She is your representative on the Board of Irish College Societies, and in an effort to further promote our societies, organises the Annual SoUL (Societies of UL) Arts Fest which is a couple of days where a light is shone on the amazing work our societies do.

If you have any questions about any of the above or general clubs and societies queries, please contact her or pop into the clubs and societies office at the top of the stairs of the UL Student Life building.

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