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UL Student Life voted no confidence in Professor Kerstin Mey as President of the University of Limerick following an emergency Student Council meeting yesterday evening.

Student Council expressed their anger and frustration at the ongoing management of finances and overall poor governance at the university.

Student Council, which is made up of over 50 student representatives, voted unanimously to express no confidence in Professor Mey’s leadership.

Our students have demanded clarity and transparency around past financial decisions and insist on a definitive, forward-looking plan to address financial management at the university. It is imperative that this is communicated transparently to the entire university community to ensure accountability and to rebuild trust.

As a student representative body, we are deeply concerned by the current financial situation, particularly the potential impact on students. It is imperative that students are not subjected to the financial fallout through increased costs or reduced student services.

UL Student Life call for prompt, transparent and fair solutions that assure students are in no way impacted by the university’s mismanagement of finances.


Your Student Officer Team