UL Student Life is the student representative body of UL. Its aim is to make life easier for student and enhance their university experience.

Becoming the Student President

UL Student President

This role is a democratically elected position. The Student President is an advocate for students, representing the student body by sitting on UL committees and ensuring the student voice is heard. The Student President is taken into consideration when the university are making decisions that directly impact the student experience. In this way, the Student President becomes the voice of the students. The student president experience encompasses many aspects of academic and intellectual development; social and emotional life; and the growth and refinement of cultural, political, sporting and artistic interests.

This role requires the student president to sit on up to 40 university committees and have a seat on UL governing authority. They attend weekly meetings representing the students of UL. Therefore, it is critical to the success of the role that the Student President uses the correct forums to engage student opinion on a regular basis, ensuring that all decisions are well informed and are a true representation of the student voice of UL.

Download Full Job Description here.

Express An Interest in the Role

If you would like to register your interest in this role, or simply ask a question about it, please get in touch with our student representation coordinator Dáire Martin at daire.martin@ul.ie